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Let's throw a PARTY!

You bring the people,

& we'll bring the


street events

music festivals

company parties

Contact DJ Dames today, we can provide lighting, speakers, glow sticks, and most importantly MUSIC for any kind of music festival. Whether you need a DJ between acts or for the whole festival, we've got you covered.

The cool thing about this DJ service, is that we can provide music for all kinds of age groups and audiences. Even if you want clean mixes, we can make any party a hit!

DJ Dames specialize in motivating large crowds to get moving to the beat. It only takes one person to get the whole crowd dancing, let us make your event memorable!

Grand Openings

Grand openings and store events are a great way to increase business flow. Let DJ Dames help you make a store event your customers won't soon forget. 

award ceremonies

Youth events

Looking for a DJ that can make clean mixes for the kids? Look no further! We know how to keep every crowd rocking with a wide variety of genres!

I know what you're thinking:

"Who needs a DJ for an award ceremony?" Well, DJ Dames have a stellar playlist that can help your crowd feel comfortable while mingling with friends at a ceremony. 


Themed Parties

Themes and holidays galore! Let us know what you want the vibe to be and we'll craft the music to fit whatever theme you choose. Want to kick it up a notch? We can bring themed games to keep the party going!

We love a good Karaoke party, but we may need a little help from your guests to keep this party going! You bring your best singing voices and we'll bring the tracks! 

Want to host a trivia night? We got you covered! We'll tailor all questions to fit your theme, while keeping the tunes flowing

in between.


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